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How to Earn an Income as a Professional Bird-Dog or Property Scout

Did you know that bird-dogs or property scouts are in HIGH DEMAND right now?  Especially in our inventory-tight real estate market?  You can earn a pretty good income starting out your real estate investing entrepreneurship as a bird-dog.  This will help you get your feet wet in the business while earning some money that you can ultimately use to fuel your first investment property deal.  You can watch a short video to show you why bird-dogs are in high demand and how this could be a good income stream for you, especially if just starting out in the game of investment real estate.  CLICK HERE to watch this short video right now!

Free Source for Flipping Cash for Your Deals

If you want to flip properties for cash, here is a really good source for getting money for those deals: CLICK HERE.  This firm is highly reputable and awesome to deal with.  They can get you the cash you need if you are flipping properties.  CLICK HERE to watch a free powerful video on how to use transactional funding for your flip deals.  Another amazing source of flipping funds can be found by CLICKING HERE.  Flipping property is really good for short-term profits but isn't really considered a recommended long-term strategy if you're looking for long-term financial wealth-building.  But flipping can be an incredible opportunity to get the proceeds you need to ideally inject into your long-term passive income investment properties.

Free Mortgage Calculator

You can find out the monthly mortgage payment or debt service on any investment property by using my favorite two websites to do this.  The first website is to figure out your monthly mortgage payment based on the interest rate and the term.  CLICK HERE to access this mortgage calculator.  This second website is to figure out the annualized mortgage amortization schedule to find out how much you're paying in interest for each year of your property's  debt service.  CLICK HERE for this special mortgage calculator.  For other calculators, CLICK HERE.

Free Hybrid LOI/Offer Form to Submit Offers on Your Deals

We have a very special offer template that we created ourselves based on the thousands of offers we've put in on property deals over the past 20+ years.  What's awesome about this offer form is that it's a "hybrid" between an LOI (which stands for "letter of intent") and an actual offer.  An LOI is designed to let the seller and seller's agent know that you're about to put in an offer and what you are proposing the offer price and terms will be...but it's not an "official" offer.  An offer is an "official" offer.  We've combined the two to legally protect you in the event that you change your mind about the deal.  Our attorney students LOVE our hybrid LOI/offer template because it disallows it from being legally binding in case you want to make changes about the terms of your offer.  CLICK HERE to get our hybrid LOI/offer form and then CLICK HERE to watch a tutorial video about how to use this template correctly.

Free Cash Flow Evaluator (CFE) Tool to Find the Cash Flow on Your Deals

The recommended strategy for long-term wealth building using real estate as your vehicle for financial freedom is by choosing to purchase what we call "buy-and-hold" passive income real estate assets.  To find the cash flow of any property, we have the very best tool to evaluate the cash flow on any real estate deal you may be considering as an investment property.  You will need Microsoft Excel to be able to use our Cash Flow Evaluator (CFE) spreadsheet tool.  CLICK HERE to get the FREE Cash Flow Evaluator (CFE) right now.  Then you can CLICK HERE to watch a video to show you how to use this powerful tool that is the very best tool out there for finding the cash flow on ANY potential property deal that you're considering as a long-term monthly passive income real estate asset.

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