I first started investing in 1995 and decided in the early 2000s to start teaching others simply because I love teaching.  I absolutely love being the one to show somebody the full process of investing, step by step, in ways that have never been revealed to them before.  That gives me great pleasure to be in service to others in such a way.  There's no better feeling in the world then to be the conduit between somebody first starting out to helping them see success for the first time in this business.  I believe THIS is my life's purpose...to show others how to become financially reliant, independent and successful.

I wrote a book that became an Amazon #1 bestseller in 3 different categories.  It's called The Scratch Millionaire.  You can get it on Amazon or you can get it as a FREE DOWNLOAD right here!  In this book, I show you exactly how I got started and how you can take my precise steps to become successful yourself as a real estate investor entrepreneur. 

I learned the hard way because I didn't have a REAL mentor in the REAL world of real estate investing to help me.  I had to bumble through it all by myself with only misinformation and theories that were given to me by late-night infomercial "gurus" and "secret systems" out there that all turned out to be 100% bogus each and every time.  I only WISH I could have worked with a REAL investor first-hand when I got started because I would have avoided the 100+ pitfalls and damaging mistakes that I had to deal with my making so many missteps in business and real estate investing simply because I didn't know what I was doing and I couldn't find anybody real to learn it from.

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First of all, if you're going to be successful in doing anything, you MUST learn from someone who is actually doing it.  That's a requirement.  And it's even more critical to learn from someone who started from scratch, starting with no cash and no credit.  If you want to learn about investing in real estate the RIGHT way, you MUST learn from somebody who has been in the business of real estate investing for many, many years, who is still a real estate entrepreneur, who is extremely successful in the business and who has started from the ground up.

But where do you find somebody like this?  After all, many real-life investors simply don't have the time or interest in teaching others how to work the business the right way, the successful way.  Plus, they typically don't want to create unnecessary competition for themselves.  So, why take you under their wing when ultimately they could be showing you how to steal all the deals away from them once you get good at the business!

​​​Have You EVER Asked Yourself:"How Can I Get Started as a Real Estate Investor IF I HAVE No Money or Credit TO Start With?"

Her Unconventional No-Holds-Barred Shoot-from-the-Hip Teaching Style Has Been Hugely Popular with Her Students, Especially Since She's the ONLY Leading Real Estate Expert Who Reveals Exactly How to Become a Successful Investor with Her Comprehensive Step-by-Step Blueprints.

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